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Plant Shadow
  • Where does Adapt deliver?
    We offer our free delivery in North Idaho within a 7 mile radius of Coeur d'Alene. This includes Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, and Hayden.
  • Can you ship Adapt goodies?
    Yes! We can ship our powdered items and other goods. The only items we CAN NOT ship are the premade beverages. I know, it is a bummer but all the more reason to recreate the magic at home with our powders!
  • If I order today when will I get my goods delivered (DELIVERY)?
    If you are local and ordering for delivery we deliver Tuesdays. The cut off date is the Sunday before at 5pm. If you order between Sunday at 5pm and Tuesday your order will be delivered the FOLLOWING Tuesday. Example: You make an order Monday, the 10th at 11 am. Your order will be delivered Tuesday the 18th.
  • How long are the prepared beverages good for?
    Your bottle will come with an expiration date on each bottle. You can also purchase your elixirs powdered so you can have your drinks whenever you prefer!
  • Do you offer your mocktails bottled?
    At this time our mocktail's are only available at markets and private events. Keep checking back because we know we would love to bring our mocktails to your door!
  • What mocktails do you offer for events?
    For events, we offer a unique array of Adapt's signature mocktails, skillfully crafted to span a spectrum of flavors. These creations are a testament to our commitment to using top-notch organic ingredients and innovative recipes. We are always open to discussing the possibility of a custom mocktail for your next event. Want a taste of what we offer? Head to Elixir Events tab to see some of our offerings!
  • Can I modify the sweetness level of your elixirs?
    Yes of course! Everything about Adapt is for YOU. I want this experience to serve you so we offer customizations on our bottled elixirs and our mocktails. When ordered bottled elixirs just put your specifics in the 'Custom Request' box.
  • Can I purchase your elixirs in bulk for special occasions?
    Yes all of our bottled elixirs are available in bulk including gallon, half gallon, and mini bottles. These are available under the tab Elixirs at Home. Some of our mocktails are available in bulk for self-serve if the quality is not compromised. Options available under the tab Elixir Events.
  • What is JOI?
    What is JOI mylk? JOI, short for "Just One Ingredient," is a brand that specializes in producing alternative milk products. What sets JOI apart is its commitment to simplicity and purity. JOI offers nut and seed bases such as almond, cashew, and more. The uniqueness of JOI lies in its minimalist approach. Their products contain just one ingredient - the primary nut or seed - and often nothing else. JOI products are celebrated for their clean, natural flavors, and they're free from additives, preservatives, and unnecessary fillers. It's a convenient, eco-friendly, and wholesome choice for those seeking dairy-free, plant-based milk options.
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